The Main Message?

Improving the world through the application of common sense, humor, and sometimes sarcasm…ok, it might not always improve the world but if having a chat helps even one person then [shrug]

If you’d like hire David to be a speaker at an event send a PM to him on his FB page.

If you’re interested in a photographer for an event rather than a speaker you can also contact him via PM on his FB page 🙂


Fine Art Photography

If you’re looking for something to hang on the wall that’s not a family photo (though we love those too!) Check out our very own David Scott Ghantt.

Check the awesomeness out here


Event Photography

I know exciting right! We’re not quite up and running this at the moment but we will be soon so stay tuned!

Learn More (coming soon)


David Speaks…

If you’re interested in what the man himself has to say you’ll be in for a treat soon the first of 3 books is in the works!