If you're looking for something to see in the morning that isn't a meme or something snarky then check out David's morning photos at work.  He doesn't take them every day but follow him on FB and you'll see them.

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Yes, we are just weeks away from self publishing the book that you have all been asking for!


Yeah, Christy is redoing the site so there's nothing to put here at the moment beyond a placeholder, lol.

Who is David Ghantt?

Well to put it simply, David Scott Ghantt is a man who once upon a time made a rather poor decision. I am currently 48 years old, a husband, a father, a photographer, and an author (book to be released soon).

I am a shade tree philosopher, a good example of what not to do sometimes, I don't like long walks on the beach, and my favorite color is racing green.



Next Steps...

Not much for you to do at the moment really except follow me on social media to see when the book is released.