This is where I am supposed to answer the most common questions that I get so...

Are you that David Ghantt like in the movie?

I like to think that Zach has better hair than me but he did play a version of me in the movie Masterminds. I am the real David Ghantt.

Was the movie real?

Yes and no, the writers took the main idea (the robbery itself ) and used some events that happened, and applied a whole lot of creativity using the actual event as a framework if you will, to make a comedy movie. So no, it wasn't all real.

Do you have money from like the end of the movie?

No. If I had money I sure as heck wouldn't be working construction and driving a Geo. 😉

What are you doing now?

I am currently working in construction by day and writing a book by night.

Do you have any advice?

Funny you should ask that, I have had interest in people wanting to know how I changed my life to what I like to think is a better path and so I've been writing a book for them, it's in editing now and should be released in the next couple months.